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It's time that we wake up to change

Everyone loves nature and so do they hang around the mountains and trees. We forgot to realize, that our daily human activity is killing our environment. Carbon emissions are so huge that, we should act now to make the impact we made reversible. In some years, we don’t have any chance to act!

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Climate Change Quotes

Videos Vs Carbon

In 2018 alone, video streaming has amounted to the equivalent of 1.5 Billion tons of carbon emissions. This amount is equal to the total yearly carbon emissions of the country of Spain

You are responsible

Do you know watching your favorite movie in streaming platforms are adding more carbon emission into our environment? It is not our fault to not know this!

Upcoming Events

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Climate Hack Workshop

Join us in the journey to help our Environment. You can thank us later, on the strategies about carbon reduction in our daily life.

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Climate Walks

It is always good to meet the like-minded people to work together on a social cause. Join our Climate walks & walk together for your future.

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