Who Are we?

Our Mission

To Reduce Global Carbon Emissions. The streaming services are not as sustainable as people imagine. The Carbon Emissions from the Streaming services are Huge.  

To Reduce Emissions From Streaming Services 

When we stream movies, series or listen to music at home or on the go, our devices access data files saved on servers run by content providers – Spotify or Netflix, for example. Data storage, processing and transfer burn through a large amount of energy – more than you may think. Our main aim is to Reduce the Emissions from Streaming Services.

We are Creating a Streaming Platform Completely Sustainable, Green Energy based with Zero-Emissions & Creating an Impact.

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Our Core Values​



Creating Impact in Agriculture, Water, Health & Energy Sectors


Video Streaming Services and CO2 Emissions?

Researchers from the French think tank “Shift Project” have found online streaming energy usage to amass to startling amounts. According to their 2019 study, online streaming makes out to be an emissions catalyst on a grand scale. In 2018 alone, video streaming has amounted to the equivalent of 300 million tons of carbon emissions. This amount is equal to the total yearly carbon emissions of the country of Spain.

Two other statistics bring the shocking extent of internet streaming emissions problem into perspective: Online streaming is responsible for  20 per cent of all greenhouse gas emissions caused by digital technologies.


The researchers also examined exactly how and what the world streams online:

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